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The Long Ride Home

The Long Ride Home is an opera by Thomas which lasts around 90 minutes with no intermission. It has six singing and one speaking role. The story is set on a country farm in a remote area of outback Australia.

Frank Douglas (aged 58) lives on the farm with his daughter Rebecca (aged 29) and his grandson Robert (aged 10), Rebecca’s son. Frank’s eldest daughter, Catherine (aged 31), lives in New York City with her American husband, Taylor, a popular author. Frank’s wife, Kate, died eighteen months before the time of this story, and Frank has recently suffered a heart attack. Catherine saw her mother for the last time two years ago during a two week visit to New York City. She has not had any contact with her family for the past eighteen months. During the opera, Catherine makes a surprise visit back to her home town and the family is forced to confront their recent tragedies. Later, the family receives shocking news from New York which places their family conflicts in a new perspective.

Click here to view video highlights from the World Premiere Production of The Long Ride Home.

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The Long Ride Home - audition excerpts

These audio clips are recordings of the audition excerpts for the singing roles in The Long Ride Home.

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Mississippi Blues Session

All these tracks were recorded live in a single session at a studio in Como, Mississippi. They feature Thomas on guitar and vocals, and Jimbo Mathus (a well known Memphis/Mississippi musician) on drums. These were all recorded in June 2007.

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The 2 Tone Blues Deconstruction Orchestra was a blues band that Thomas played with from 2000-2002. The band consisted of Thomas on vocals/guitar and Brendon Salmond on drums. These tracks were recorded live in a studio in Sydney in December 2001, a few weeks before Thomas moved to live in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Linocut was a Sydney three piece power-pop band that Thomas was a member of between 1997-2001. The group consisted of Thomas Rimes on guitar/vocals, Ant Whitehouse on bass/vocals and a succession of drummers, including Jason Bryant, Cameron Reid and Brendon Salmond. These tracks were recorded around 1999-2000. Some of the tracks were released on the E.P: “Linocut in E”

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